Top 3 Android Emulators for Windows

Many programmers and coders who always keep coding Android apps, need to run various Android apps on their PC’s. They use Android Emulator softwares to run any Android App on their Windows OS PC. With such Android Emulators, even you can run your favorite Android apps on PC.

 Android Emulators for Windows

But, what are the Android Emulators? In simple sense, Android Emulators are software programs, which replicates the Android OS environment on PC, Using such emulators, you can run Android apps easily on your PC. We have collected a list of Best Android Emulators for Windows, which can be installed to run Android apps on your Windows PC.

Best Android Emulators for Windows

1)    Bluestacks:-


Currently, Bluestacks is known as one of the best and most used Android Emulator. This software is downloaded by millions of users till date. This Android Emulator is really simple and Easy-to-Use. Once you install the Bluestacks App player in your PC, then you can easily install and run Android apps. You just have to download the .APK file of any android app, and double-click on it to install it.

The Bluestacks emulator has one interesting feature in it, that you can download various apps directly from this software. It comes with a inbuilt App Store, which can help you to find desired app and download it.

2)    YouWave:-


YouWave is another popular and simple Android Emulator software. YouWave doesn’t have many features, but it is really easy to use. YouWave is a paid software which comes with 10-day trial period. As it is a Paid software, you have to purchase it, if you want it for long-term use.

YouWave is a simple emulator which supports all versions of Android apps. You can download the .APK files from the internet and then import and install them in YouWave Emulator. YouWave emulator is the best option, if your PC is running with low on-board memory.

3)    Droid4X Emulator:-


The Droid4X Android Emulator is a latest Android emulator. Due to its interesting design and usability, it is getting more exposure. The Droid4X emulator is a wonderful emulator to run apps. This software program comes with very useful features, which you cannot find in other emulators.

With Droid4X, you can resize the window of the running apps easily according to the display size. Another wonderful feature of this emulator is, you can use keyboard buttons, to play the android games. That’s a wonderful feature for game lovers.


So, these are some of the best and top 3 Android Emulators for Windows PC. You can install them and run your favorite android app with one click. These softwares are of real use if you are a android app creator, coder or tester.


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