5 Anti-Mainstream Web Browsers that You Need to Know

To surf the internet, we need internet browsers. Without internet browsers, it is almost impossible to surf website on the internet. All of you might have heard and using some of the popular web browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera Browser and Internet Explorer.
These are the most used internet browsers, who hold significant market shares. But, do you know that there are many unknown, unused and anti-mainstream web browsers still available to download? I didn’t know that too before I searched the internet and found that there are five non-famous browsers which are available for us. So, please check the post to find the details about them.

Anti Mainstream Browser

5 Anti-Mainstream Web Browsers:-

1) Maxthon Browser:-


Maxthon browser is a highly customizable internet browser program. If you are not satisfied with the customization settings of other famous browsers, then you should try Maxthon Browser. This browser comes with integrated Ad-Hunter tool, which blocks pop-up ads and other irritating ads.
Maxthon browser comes with some interesting built-in features like Screen Capture tool, Built-in feed reader, advanced proxy settings and anti-freeze features.

2) Swiftfox Browser:-

Swiftfox is an optimized version of Mozilla Firefox. This browser was made from the available source code of Firefox browser. It is developed for Linux operating system. The Swiftfox web browser is a minimalist and clutter-free version of Mozilla Firefox. If you love speed and minimalistic experience, then Swiftfox is a great web browser.

3) Lunascape Browser:-

Lunaescape Browser

Lunascape is the first hybrid web browser, which runs on 3 processing engines. This web browser is specially designed to look simple and support all the plugins of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you want a simple web browser, with plugin experience of Mozilla Firefox, then this is the browser you should look.

4) SeaMonkey Browser:-


SeaMonkey is an anti-mainstream browser, developed by a Mainstream Browser team, Mozilla Firefox. This browser is developed for web developers. It comes with useful features for web developers, such as integrated emails, HTML Editor, IRC Chat and many other tools.
IT comes with various other web development tools, making it the perfect browser for creating and testing web based applications and sites. This browser is available on Windows 2000 and newer versions, Mac OS X 10.4 and newer builds and Linux.

5) Stainless Browser:-

Stainless browser was developed as an alternative to Google Chrome for Mac OS. It comes with some of the best features, which other browser don’t have. One such feature is, you can log into same websites with two different accounts in another tab.
This web browser is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

There are many more unknown and anti-mainstream web browser programs, which are very unique, but never made a place in the top browsers list. But, these five anti-mainstream internet browsers have their unique special feature, which is really useful for someone who uses it.


Mahesh Dabade is the Founder/Owner of TechTrickle. He received his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune. He is a Windows and Android enthusiast and loves experimenting with Computers and Mobiles. A huge fan of the Mumbai Indians and is following the Men in Blue from the past 8 years. Besides Technology, his research interests include SEO, Blogging, Information Retrieval and Web Mining.

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