Benefits of Using Dedicated Web Servers than VPS

When it comes to choosing to host for your business, it is important to choose wisely. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to create the right first impression online, and that means having the best website possible. Selecting a right hosting is a big decision and very important, after all, you want your website to be fully accessible at all times. And to make it fulfill you need to choose a dedicated web server hosting over other services such as VPS, Shared etc.

Dedicated Web Servers

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using dedicated web servers than Virtual Private Servers(VPS), the two of the most sorts after web hosting that users go for today. Both offer a wide variety of advantages that are suited for experienced and as well new users. While hosting a website, you can choose either a dedicated web hosting or VPS. Let us now compare the two kinds of web hosting, and see the areas where the dedicated web hosting scores over virtual private server. For an individual, or small to medium sized business, who have either stretched out from being confined to a Shared hosting plan, or for those looking for more power and control over their online presence, the option to look for is Dedicated Web Server Hosting.

The Major Advantage of Dedicated Web Server

There is one major advantage that you get with Dedicated Web Server, which makes it worth the higher cost.A 60% percent discount for SelectedHosting readers, which is available via this link. Dedicated Web Servers can handle a higher volume of page requests than VPS hosting. It happensbecause the resources are yours and it helps to make your hosting faster. You will have faster site loading time so that all the visitors who are on your website can view it without any issue.

In Shared hosting you can get 300-page request per hour, which is a good amount. But many blogs and websites require 1000 unique visitors per hour which is much more than Shared hosting’s plan. VPS hosting gives you more capacity to handle high visitors even though it all depends on the package size that you have purchased. However, Dedicated Servers have more potential to manage high unique visitors and help running your website faster than VPS hosting’s website. It simply means that if you are expecting a huge amount of traffic on your website then dedicated hosting will be very beneficial for your requirement.

Access to Server

In the case with Dedicated Server hosting the user has full control of the physical server with a complete access to all its resources but in the case of Virtual Private Servers, the user gains control only of a virtualized machine on a server that might be host several other websites.

While using a VPS hosting, the user shares the CPU with other virtual machines and has a dedicated access to some specific RAM and storage which is assigned by the web hosting company.With Dedicated Server hosting, since you don’t have to share your resources with any other customer. So you normally get full access to more computing power than you do with VPS hosting.

Upgraded Security for Online Activity

One of the biggest benefits offered by Dedicated Web Server is that when compared with other hosting types such as VPS, you will find that Dedicated Server hosting offers a great security level. Once you sign up for this kind of hosting, you can be assured that all of the resources on that particular server that belongs to you, makes it more secure than shared server.It is combined with regular updates along with security patches which offer strong protection for your online files and ultimately your entire site.

Greater Reliability

Not everyone is an expert in IT services. It means that most business owners will check reliability level of any hosting provider before purchasing it. They would definitely ensure it that their websites would get the best possible level of ‘uptime’.With a Dedicated Server, your business does not need to share its bandwidth with anyone else meaning that your website will get complete access to the resources that it requires.In addition to this, if you choose managed dedicated servers then you won’t need to get any kind of tension for managing the server, the host will take care of it for you. This is something that remains on the lower side when you go for Virtual Private Servers. During peak times VPS can cause some performance degradation but it is quite rare and is highly manageable.

Opportunity to Expand

A new website might not need much in the way of space and resources as the business. But once the website starts to grow you would need more space and resources. When you choose a Dedicated Server, it is easy to get additional space without having to migrate to another server or host. Every business wants a room to grow and with this kind of web hosting, you will have that chance with a minimum amount of fuss. When you use a Virtual Private Server it becomes a task at times to expand your website. You may have to look for a better plan when your website demands more space and resources. This would to an additional rise in cost and consumption of time.

Greater Control and Flexibility

For severalwebsite owners, one of the biggest benefits associated with Dedicated Servers is that it allows for whole control over the hosting server. When a server is shared between several businesses, the web hostdoesn’t let use some certain features. However, when the server is used solely by your website/business you get much greater access that allows you to control over the server. This affords businesses much more flexibility.

Supported Services

There is no denying the fact that both these types of hosting offer the user a full control over the server environment. Therefore, both can offer the same set of software features depending on the resources that are available to run them properly. Dedicated Servers offer some of the most popular features available on both these hosting plans include Blogging Tools, Content Management Systems, e-commerce Packages, Control Panel Based Administration, 1-Click Installers, Development Tools and Frameworks, Automated Backups and SSL Certificates.

All the benefits of dedicated server hosting make it a great option for many businesses. These features also make it more reliable and maintains a higher level of performance in this hosting industry.
VPS is not a good for heavy traffic and high bandwidth video content website that has high-resolution graphics. Dedicated hosting can offer a great speed for this type of websites that have heavy traffic like 10,000 visitors an hour or more. It maintains a faster loading speed.

Dedicated server hosting is more expensive than VPS but it is also a very profitable business that helps to maintain your image among users. Popular E-commerce websites choose Dedicated hosting as they get more traffic than other websites. And all the businesses that don’t want to lose users just because to slow loading speed of website; they go for dedicated hosting. It is well worth the investment to this type of hosting. VPS is also a pretty good option for many users at cheap rates but it is not as good as Dedicated Servers.


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