Free Windows Tools You Must Have

The Windows operating system is an easiest operating system for using. The Operating Systems of Windows series are having lots of supporting software and programs, which helps users in extending the usability. There are many essential tools and software applications available for Windows operating system. In this post, I am sharing some of the top free Windows tools to get help doing important work on your computer.

Free Windows Tools

The free Windows tools list I am sharing here is useful for the most of the Windows operating systems, like Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you have any one of these operating systems installed on your computer, then these free Windows tools may help you doing work on your PC.

Best Free Windows Tools and Softwares

  • Comodo Firewall

Protecting your computer from the unwanted threats is important. To protect your computer from the threats coming from the internet, using Firewall software program is the must. That’s why we’ve listed “Comodo Firewall” to number one on our list. The Comodo Firewall protects the computer from unsecured threats, trying to communicate over the network connection. This software, monitors and blocks the suspicious programs seeking to communicate to other hosts over the internet.

  • Wise Folder Hider

If your PC is used by your colleagues and family members more often, then this is the must install free windows tool to hide your personal folders and files from others. The Wise Folder Hider is a free Windows Software program which helps us to protect important files and folders from other users. This software protects files from other users and allows us to put the password on files so others cannot access it.

  • WPS Office

The WPS Office is one of the best office suites made for Windows operating systems. The WPS office is similar to the Microsoft Office, but it’s a free variant. With WPS Office, you can create and edit the documents, Spreadsheets and presentations on the computer. With lots of options similar to the Microsoft Office suite, it is known as the best Microsoft Office Alternative and the Free Windows Software Program.

  • Pidgin

Pidgin is a Chat client made for Windows OS. With Pidgin Chat client, which can connect to many other Chat services and let users chat from the software itself. With Pidgin, the user can log in and use the software to talk on multiple platforms. It is known as the most productive tool for Windows users, so they can chat with their business partners with Pidgin, to stop wasting time on any social networking site.

  • BetterNet

BetterNet is one of the Free Windows Tools for Internet Surfers. The BetterNet is a Free VPN service provider. With BetterNet VPN, users can bypass the Network and Internet Restrictions and visit the blocked websites. Also, the software will help users to surf the internet anonymously without revealing your identity to others snooping on the web.

  • Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The Ultimate  Windows Tweaker is an Amazing Freeware Windows tool. This tool helps you to tweak the User Interface of Windows. This app will help users to change the look of Taskbar, File Explorer, Windows of the Software programs and many other things. There are many tweaks available in this tool for almost everything in Windows.

  • CCleaner

Another Wonderful Free tool for Windows operating System. The CCleaner is a System Utility tool made for Windows. It helps users to clear Web browsers cache, history, temporary files and other trash. Also, it can remove the remaining files of uninstalled software programs and their registry entries. It is an excellent software program to clean up trash from your computer.

  • Recuva

Ever thought about recovering lost data from your computer or removable storage? If not, then think. The Recuva is a freeware Data Recovery Software program for Windows, which can be used to recover any file from the computer or storage media. It helps users to recover lost files from Corrupted hard disks, accidentally deleted files or from the removable Storage Devices like Memory cards and USB Flash Drives.

  • VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is a freeware media player for Windows. With VLC Media Player, Windows users can play any Media File on their computer. VLC Media Player supports almost every Media file extension. It is the great tool to play Video Files.

  • Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is one of the best Notepad alternative and text editor for windows. With Notepad ++, users can check and edit any file and its code. It has more features than the Default Notepad tool in Windows OS. With Notepad++, users can create and edit the text files or the programming files. Also, it supported almost every extension to open the file and edit them. It is the most favorite editing tool of the programmers.


So, these are the free tools for Windows operating system. These tools I’ve mentioned in this post are freely available to download on the internet and can be downloaded from the official and trusted sources.  I can bet that these free windows tools and software programs are very helpful for the average Windows users.


Mahesh Dabade is the Founder/Owner of TechTrickle. He received his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune. He is a Windows and Android enthusiast and loves experimenting with Computers and Mobiles. A huge fan of the Mumbai Indians and is following the Men in Blue from the past 8 years. Besides Technology, his research interests include SEO, Blogging, Information Retrieval and Web Mining.

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