Google Drive Tips and Tricks for Better Search

There are many cloud storage services but Google Drive, the one from the web giant, Google is certainly the hot favorite. There are many reasons for it to become one. Firstly, you do not have to create a separate account to use Google Drive, ou can sign in by using the Google account. Second, Google provides 15 Gb of cloud storage. There are also other cloud storage services like SkyDrive, Dropbox which are also crowd favorites. Each one has its own strength and limitations but if have decided to go up for Google drive then here are some of the Google Drive tips and tricks that will help you search the cloud data better.

Google Drive

Find Documents With Atleast One Word

Suppose you have some files with single words and unique names. You are not sure of the spelling of the word. At this time, you can use the OR filter. OR filter will help you find the files that have at least one of the word you have entered in the search box. You can use the OR filter like this.
Do not remove the OR filter and do not forget to replace word1 and word2 with the words you want to search.

Find Other’s Files

In Google Drive, sometimes, we share files with friends and our friends share files with us. No matter who shares the files, the owner must be only one. Now if your friend has shared a lot of files with you and you are not getting the exact file you want then you can use owner and from terms to find who is the owner of the file and who has sent the file.

Find the Files Shared By You

This one is exactly the opposite of what we have mentioned above. Sometimes we need to search the files shared by you. In this case, you can use the filter TO. By using the TO filter, you can see the files owned and shared by you with others.

Find Files in Trash Folder

Google Drive has a Trash folder which contain all the deleted files. If you have recently deleted a lot of files and now want to restore a few of them then you can use the search term is:trashed word. Note that the ‘word’ must be replace with one of the word in the title of the file.


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