How to Blog

The blogging is an important part of the digital marketing field. Blogging is known as the most influential medium to spread ideas and knowledge after social media websites. If done in the correct way, blogging can bring you some money, business and fame.

How to Blog

Many newbie bloggers ask the question, “How to Blog?” When you start a new blog, you don’t have to write content and sit down waiting for traffic. There are many steps which need to be taken to promote your blog. Without these techniques, no one can succeed in the blogging world. I have collected and tried some “how to blog” tips. Please check and implement them to get good results in blogging.

How to Blog? Tips to Succeed

1) Do not just Write and Sit:-

Do Not Just Write and Sit

This is the biggest mistake almost every newbie blogger makes. They just write a piece of content on their blog and sit back after publishing it. There are many steps to do after writing a piece of content. Like, you have to optimize the post, format the post so it looks neat to readers, add interesting images, interlink it with other posts, etc. Here are some of the post editing tips for newbies.

i) Optimize and Format the post:-

This is the crucial step to do before publishing the post. Make sure you add and highlight the focus keyword, or main keyword for which you want to rank. Also, you should format the post with proper heading tags, bullets and numbers, so it will look clean and easy to read.

ii) Add images:-

Add Images in the Post

Image Courtesy-

You should add relevant images in the post. Make sure that you’ve added your keyword as ‘ALT’ tag to the image.

2) Let Social media know about your post:-

Share Content on Social Media

By social sharing, you can get huge traffic and exposure to your blog. The social media is known as the most active and best way to get traffic to your blog. When you start a new blog, create its presence on social media sites. Create a Facebook page, create a Twitter profile and create a separate Google+ page of your site. Whenever you publish a new post, you should share the link on your social media pages.

3) Building Healthy Relations with Fellow bloggers:-

Connecting with fellow bloggers in same niche can be very beneficial for you. By building strong relationship with fellow bloggers can fetch additional traffic and attention to your blog. It is a really important task you should do. When connected with fellow bloggers, you can share your experience with them, they share their knowledge. That’s how both can grow up with each other’s help.

4) Be consistent:-

Blogging is not about writing a bunch of posts at once and start making money. It is a long term process, which involves a huge investment of your hard work and time. You should keep your blog updated with the latest posts. The readers always love to see their favorite blog with a new post each time they visit.
So, these are the things, which you should follow strictly for effective blogging. Your blog is the medium to share your views and knowledge with others. Plus, it is an income source for you. The effective blogging can be done, if you follow above mentioned tips only.


If you follow the points mentioned above, you will be able to blog effectively. What do you think and if you  have any suggestions please let us know in the comments.


Mahesh Dabade is the Founder/Owner of TechTrickle. He received his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune. He is a Windows and Android enthusiast and loves experimenting with Computers and Mobiles. A huge fan of the Mumbai Indians and is following the Men in Blue from the past 8 years. Besides Technology, his research interests include SEO, Blogging, Information Retrieval and Web Mining.

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