How to Make Google Chrome Home Page More Attractive

Making the Google Chrome start page more attractive  is very simple. There are lots of Google Chrome extension that will help you personalize Google Chrome homepage.


Chrome is a freeware web browser, an invention by Google. It is one of the fastest web browsers. As of November 2015, according to State counter, Google Chrome is used by 58% of users.Chrome offers several extension side. It is also the most popular web browser for smartphones. Google Chrome offers several tasks effectively.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt opposed the development of Google Chrome. The idea of  web developing an independent web browser was buzzing. But for six years, Eric Schmidt was not at all ready for this project to come into reality. Here a reason why Eric opposed  for the development of Google Chrome. He stated that,

At the time Google was  a small company and I didn’t  want to go through browser wars.It was when Sergory Brin and Larry page hired the Mozilla developers and built an demonstration of Chrome. Schmidt admitted that, “it was so good that it eventually forced me to change my mind.”

By default google Chrome views the web pages as grid view. The website or web pages you visit regularly or repeatedly are arranged in grid view by default. But if you want to make google Chrome start page attractive, there are lots of extensions for productivity that will help you making this task with care. As I have already said, there are lots of extensions for productivity that will make the Google Chrome start page impressive. I have managed to select 11 extensions that really are impressive and  I am quite sure you will also agree after trying one oh them out.


Momentum is one of very popular Google Chrome extension for new tab replacement. This extension comes with some useful features such as TO-DO list, it notifies you the weather report, reminds you the daily goals. If you feel you are lacking some motivation, just look at the momentum tab  and a motivational quote is always there to motivate you. Momentum comes  with some decent looking wallpapers that will change  automatically according to time.


  • Comes with a to-do list that will help you perform and track daily action.
  • Set an awesome goal for the day.
  • Changes the background according to time.


OneFeed is yet another Google Chrome extension that will help to make the Google Chrome start page more attractive. Some of the coolest features are- It provides popular News all over the world, brings the feeds from popular social networking sites. There is a notification center that will keep you updated about whenever you have a new email or  Facebook feed.


  • Keep updates with mail or facebook message by using notification center.
  • OneFeed comes with scroll tabs that will help social networking sites like Fb, Twitter, Instagram.


One beauty Google Chrome extension.It has a simple look user interface whenever you open a new tab page. Currently as the name suggests, Currently provides you with current system time and weather information. this information is related to your location. Currently shows the temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit.

  • Time settings can be change to 12-hour /24 h the settings option according to our format. You can customize by changing according to your preference.


Mahesh Dabade is the Founder/Owner of TechTrickle. He received his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune. He is a Windows and Android enthusiast and loves experimenting with Computers and Mobiles. A huge fan of the Mumbai Indians and is following the Men in Blue from the past 8 years. Besides Technology, his research interests include SEO, Blogging, Information Retrieval and Web Mining.

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