Netflix Vs Hulu : Which is Best for Online Video Streaming Service?

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Popular services like Netflix and Hulu provide a huge amount of on-demand services at a low cost. Each service makes for an interesting way to provide wide entertaining choices to a whole family, and they are gradually becoming an alternative to the higher pricing of cable and satellite subscriptions.

So for online video streaming service, a mix of these services will be the best solution. But if you are demanding to find out which subscription service package to use while stuck to an economical entertainment budget, check out our updated 2016 analysis of the two most famous online streaming video services to find out which one fits in various classifications, and which one is best for you.

Let’s go into some of the details:

1. Netflix (costs $8 per month)

It is one amongst of the few services that provide both an online video collection set for online streaming and an extensive collection of movies and TV shows. Netflix costs $8 a month and gives access to a massive selection of TV and movies options.


Current Version Updated Size Required Android Installs
It will Varies with devices 17th Dec. 2015 It will Varies with devices It will Varies with devices About 100,000,000 – 500,000,000

Price: Depending on your interests, Netflix has different subscription packages. For $8 (Rs. 500/-) per month, users can access unlimited movies and TV shows instantly on your phone, computer or TV. There are no commercials ads and you can watch any movies or TV episode as various times as you would like go. Netflix offers a free trial for one-month so that you can get a review of those movies, TV shows and other offerings services an instant subscription will give you. Users can access unlimited stuff on online streaming and get one DVD shipped to their home at a time for $15.98 per month.

User Friendly: Netflix’s store is really easy and accessible. Netflix differentiates clearly between videos you can watch directly and those you will need to order on DVD’s, after signing onto the site. You can also rate those videos based on your expectation for future recommendations to other user and similarly the store will also offer you suggestions based on your past searching and viewing analysis. You can always keep track of the videos and TV shows that you have already viewed and you can also keep track of videos you would like to see in the future.

2. Hulu (costs $8 per month)

Hulu also prices the similar as a Netflix subscription, but offers classic movies and television shows as the most up-to-date TV shows episodes and full seasons of your favorite shows.


Current Version Updated Size Required Android Installs
Version 14th Dec. 2015 22 MB Android 4.0.3 and higher About 10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Price: Hulu costs you $8 per month, which is about $96 per year. This service offers a one-week free trial for the first time access.

User Friendly: Hulu is efficient and very cool for users to navigate. Unlike Netflix, however, Hulu is ad-supported to keep the cost of a subscription to low and users might find the commercial disturbances bothersome.


Well even with all the details in front of us, it’s very tough to sort an full proof report on which online video streaming service is best deal for one and all. Hulu is the highest selection for getting the newest episodes, but Netflix has the maximum enjoyable original contents and extreme collection of hot TV shows. Netflix has the best user and approval understanding overall. If you are just watching for TV and movies, we are bent towards Netflix as the top choice.

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