Top 10 Search Engines for Secure Search

The internet hosts the massive amount of information. There are search engines like Google and Yahoo! To help find us the exact information. Search Engines are very helpful in seeking the information. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing hosts the index of the websites sharing information or content. Once you find the specific keyword on the search engine to get information, then Search Engine algorithm will search the index and show you the relevant results within seconds.

Top 10 Search Engines

The ease of use is making all of us dependent on Search Engines to find exact information about any topic. The Search Engines are capable of showing you tons of search results related to your query. There are many search engines available on the internet to help you find the information about your question. But, it is quite confusing for most of the people to choose the right search engine for right kind of information. In this post, I will share the list of top 10 search engines for your privacy needs.

Top 10 Search Engines for Secure Search

  • Privatelee

If you are looking for good search engines for privacy needs, then the Privatelee is for your help. With Privatelee Power Search, you can find anything on the internet with full privacy. The Privatelee Power Search is very helpful if you need to check similar query on multiple search engines, Find a Movie, Song, Location or anything from Directly Search bar. With the Privatelee Power Hints for searching properly will land you to the specific website, you are looking. The Privatelee, as the name suggests is a fantastic Search Engine for Secure Search.

  • DuckDuckGo

You may have heard about DuckDuckGo. Some of you may have used the DuckDuckGo search engine. The DuckDuckGo is a traditional search engine, which doesn’t collect any personal information or search history. The DuckDuckGo is a powerful search engine and will help you to find answers to your queries. The search index of DuckDuckGo is shared by Yahoo!, Bing and Yummly.  The DuckDuckGo is serving the Netizens from its inception, in 2008.

  • WolframAlpha

The WolframAlpha is an excellent search engine and different from others. It is not the traditional search engine which will show you relevant sites, images, and videos. The WolframAlpha is a computational search engine which provides the Relevant facts and data for your query. Science, Astronomy, Mathematics, Arts, Commerce, Statistics and you name it. The WolframAlpha has information about every field and query.

As it is the Facts and Data Search Engine, they don’t store the search history of their users, so a good search engine for finding information without compromising your privacy.

  • Hublee

Hublee is a private and safe search engine for searching for information on the internet. With Hublee, you can explore different types of information from the web privately. This search engine offers you the Web, Images, Videos, Translation and other search results for your query. The Hublee Search Engine never stores any of your personal information or the search queries.

  • DisconnectSearch

The DisconnectSearch is a totally Free to use a search engine. It is free to use and Advertisement, independent Search engine service provider. The DisconnectSearch has it’s own Privacy Policy, and they strictly follow their policy. As it is advertisement free, they do not collect any of your information like Search Queries and IP address to serve ads. It’s a wonderful Search Engine for the people with strict privacy needs.

  • Yippy!

Yippy is a traditional search engine with all the privacy features you may require. The Yippy is an Advertisement free search engine for the people who hate commercials. With this Search engine, users can find the regular search results for the queries from Web, Blogs, Images and news. It’s a standard search engine with a standard search index of the web sites.

  • Lukol

The Lukol is a search engine for those who want to stay anonymous while searching the internet. The Lukol uses the proxy server while showing the search results and surfing the third-party sites from the search engines. The use of Proxy server keeps users anonymous on the internet and protects them from hacker attacks.

  • Gigablast

The neglected search engine GigaBlast is the proper one for protecting your privacy while searching for the information. The GigaBlast is an Open-Source search engine loaded with the important privacy features and tools. The Index of this search engine is updated in real time and provides you the recent search results.

  • Gibiru

If you are obsessed with Google Search but want to keep your personal information safe, then you can use the Gibiru. The Gibiru search engine, which is powered by Google Custom search, so you get detailed search results from Google. The Gibiru is an uncensored and anonymous search engine, right for those who want to stay safe from online threats while surfing the internet.

  • StartPage

When it comes to the most private search engines, the StartPage is the one who wins the first place. The StartPage search engine is known as the most private search engine on the web. This search engine never saves your search history, asks for any personal information on the name of user feedback program, disables the IP address tracking by the third-party websites and others. Users can stay anonymous and safe while searching for the information. And yeah! Google Custom Search powers it.


These are the search engines which will help you to find information without sharing your personal details, stay anonymous and most importantly, get the search results for your query. We tried to collect these ten best search engines for privacy needs from the internet, if you have any good search engine to add to this list, please comment below and let us know.


Mahesh Dabade is the Founder/Owner of TechTrickle. He received his Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune. He is a Windows and Android enthusiast and loves experimenting with Computers and Mobiles. A huge fan of the Mumbai Indians and is following the Men in Blue from the past 8 years. Besides Technology, his research interests include SEO, Blogging, Information Retrieval and Web Mining.

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