Truecaller’s Hidden Features.

Truecaller's 7 hidden features.

How many times have you felt bothered or questioning about the correct identity of an anonymous caller when using your Smart Phone? Whether it is somebody trying to trail you or somebody you know over the phone or are trying to play hide and seek with you, there are some ways to find out the identity of an unknown caller — when you are using an Android smart devices.

The one way is that, by installing Truecaller in your Smart Phone. You can install Truecaller app from Google Play Store for free and determine the secret of apparently unknown callers/persons by a single click.

Here are seven hidden features those you can use in Truecaller:-

1 Block calls:-

1 block calls

You can block calls for individual numbers or for those calls starting with a certain set of numbers. For example, if you found that somebody is irritating you over the phone and the number starts with the set 8051, simply block the numbers starting with those digits.

2 See who is calling you even without any data connectivity:-

2 see who is calling

It is not required to have any data connectivity on your phone at all times for this app to work. Once any number is identified by the app then app will identify every time, whether you are connected to the internet or not.

3 Protects yourself from spammers:-

3 protect yorself

Truecaller automatically protects you from the known spammers in your area once you download the app in your android device. You can also reject calls from people who hide their identity while calling through this app.

4 Use Truedialer app as default dialer:-

4 truedialer

Truecaller gives you do bit more than just blocking calls from persons you want to avoid. It offers a dialer app and users can choose to use Truedialer app as the default dialer for your phone. Its Discovery feature acts much like Facebook’s & Twitter techniques to find person you already know. You can install Truedialer from Google Play Store for free.

It works on your existing contact list. If you find that any contact with details set to private only, then Truecaller shows you flowchart so that you can find a common friend list between you and unknown person.

5 Search numbers with Search bar:-

5 search numbers

Truecaller makes it easy to search any phone number accurately. You can see the Search Bar after launching the app and just type in a phone number in that search bar and then see who is calling you?. You may also type address and names there.

6 Set up your own profile on Truecaller:-

6 setup profile

In Truecaller, you will be able to set up your own profile and then customize your profile settings the way you want to. This will helps the person to get the some details about you. for example, You can choose to show your full name and a profile picture.

You can also add details like a website and an email for the ease of your searcher. The app also provides an option for users who want to write a short note about themselves.

Similarly, you can also choose to hide your own identity from the call recipients under the privacy tab of Truecaller’s settings.

7 Remove your phone number from Truecaller’s database:-


7 unlist

The app also lets you remove your phone number from Truecaller’s database. You have to just visit to given link Then type your phone number including your country code. Then next, choose a particular reason for phone number removal, then enter the given captcha in the box and click on unlist button.

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