Where and How to Check Internet Speed?

The Internet is the best invention of the human history. Due to the internet, we experienced many historic occasions, made new friends, connected with people from all over the world and still doing many things. The Internet experience, we are having is not same in every place. Some places may have high speed internet and some places may have slower internet speed.

Internet Speed

If you are thinking, that your internet speed is not what your ISP promised, then you can check your internet speed using some websites. These websites test your internet speed and present you the result. But, you might be thinking, where and how to check the internet speed? Well, that’s a simple question. We are showing you some famous websites, on which you can check your internet speed.

Where to Check Internet Speed?

1)    SpeedTest.net

The Speedtest.net is most popular website to test your internet speed. The main feature of this website is, you can change the testing servers and find the nearest testing servers to check the internet speed. This site required Adobe Flash Player to Start Internet Speed Test.

2)    Testmy.net

This is also one of the popular internet speed test websites. You can visit this site and check your internet speed within seconds. Just like speedtest.net, it needs Adobe Flash Player to run properly in the browser.

3)    ISP Specific Sites

The Internet Service Providers offer their own speed test service. Most of the times, they offer, this service from the user’s online account. But sometimes, they might have separate websites for their users to test the internet speed. You can ask your ISP if they have any speed test service.

How to Check Internet Speed?

Checking your Internet speed is not a rocket science. It is really easy to check your internet speed within seconds. For checking your internet speed, you need to start your web browser. It may be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Browser.

After opening your web browser, you need to enter any of the above mentioned site URL and hit Enter. Let it load completely. There, you can click on “Begin Test” or something similar to it. That’s it. The site will temporarily download and upload a sample file on your PC using your internet connection and will tell you the result.
So, by these ways, you can test your internet speed. There is nothing like rocket science in testing your internet speed. It’s a simple process by which you can check the speed of your internet. There are many websites available to check your internet speed. All you have to do is search on Google for speed test websites and take a test from any of the top websites. We hope, this post has resolved your confusion about checking the internet speed. If you follow above tutorial perfectly, then it will be really easy for you to check internet speed.


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